How To Do Yoga Sleep Pose

January 31, 2019

Yogic Sleep Pose or Yoga Nidrasana is an advanced pose that gives the hamstrings and low back a deep relaxing stretch. In addition, it is also a very excellent hip opener. Yoga Sleep Pose was known as Yoga practitioners’ sleeping and meditation pose during ancient times. Though putting your feet behind your head while lying down may seem really challenging, bone breaking and breathtaking, this pretzel body knot is actually a very relaxing pose when properly approached.

Relaxing Slumber

Establishing a strong foundation is a must. It may take years of practice before you can fully be comfortable with this pose. Being patient with your progress and accepting your limitations is a good way to ease out frustrations. 

Prepping For Sleep

Since Yoga Sleep Pose is an advanced Yoga pose, preparing the body for this movement is an important step. Hopping into poses without warming up your body can lead to injuries, which may slow down your progress. Performing five sets of Sun Salutations A and B is a great start. Then, you can spend five minutes breathing deeply in Downward-Facing Dog. After that, lower down to Child’s Pose for rest. Then, do standing poses such as Half Moon Pose, Triangle Pose, and Warrior I and II. Remember to breathe deeply throughout the process.

Full Yoga Sleep Pose

After you establish your basic foundations and warm your body up, you can now practice full Yoga Nidrasana. It is suggested to learn this pose under the guidance of an experienced Yoga teacher. 

Easy Entry: Enter the full posture through Happy Baby Pose. Start by lying on the floor. Then, bend your knees and flex your feet. Hold onto the outer sides of your feet, keeping your arms parallel to the outsides of the legs. Keep your chest and shoulders relaxed as you use your arm strength to pull your knees down to the ground, beside your ribcage. Then, place your arms in between your thighs. Use them to help place your right knee behind your right shoulder, and your left knee behind your left shoulder. After that, interlock your ankles behind your feet. Whether you fully locked your feet behind your head or just brought your knees behind your shoulders, bring your hands behind your lower back and interlace your fingers. Stay in this pose for three to five breaths. 

To release, unclasp your fingers and let your hand guide and unlock your body back to Corpse Pose. Follow Yoga Sleep Pose with Fish Pose to counter.

If you are suffering from any neck, back, knee and shoulder injury, it is suggested to refrain from doing this pose. You may not get the pose right after your first attempt, but take it as a learning curve instead of a failure. It may be a long journey ahead, but with patience and discipline, nothing is impossible!

Get Your PJs!

Twisting and stretching Yoga poses are very fun and challenging. Approaching Yoga Sleep Pose can be made even harder if your Yoga pant isn’t well crafted. How can you sleep if your PJs aren’t comfortable? 

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Always practice with patience and composure. Be open to your possibilities and accept your current reality. Regularly flow, and you’ll definitely be meditating in Yoga Sleep Pose soon!

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