Secrets To Mastering Arm Balance Poses

March 25, 2019

Arm balance poses can be some of the hardest to master. The strength and balance that is required is something that we need to work up to and is often more challenging than leg balance poses. Often, we are under the belief that arm balance poses are something for only the most advanced yogis and that we shouldn’t even try to attempt them, lest we fall flat on our faces. 

Remember that all yogis were once new to the practice. Before they ever felt confident trying a new pose or lengthen their hold, they had to be willing to try, even if it meant that they might not get it right away. The key is knowing the proper technique and the rest will just fall into place.

Try some of these key secrets to find yourself on your way to mastering arm balance poses. 

  • Spread Your Fingertips Wide

The more surface area you can give to your hands, the better your chance at balancing yourself. Make sure that you can see each fingertip spread out as wide as they can go. 

  • Root Down Through Your Hands

Focus your energy through the middle of your hands. If you feel that you are leaning to one side or the tips of your fingers, you become more susceptible to falling. You should feel direct contact through all parts of your hand. 

  • Use Your Arms To Create A Shelf

If you create a shelf with your arms, your body will be able to use that shelf to stack upon within the pose. The arms should be such that the elbows are tucked into the body and the shoulders should be in alignment with the elbows. 

  • Breathe In And Up

Breath is such an important aspect of yoga, but in the case of arm balances, breathing does become a necessary step to maintaining your balance. The belly should be drawn into the spine while it goes up into the ribs. Feel as though you are hollowing your stomach out. If you feel as though you are starting to lose your balance, draw your breath in and straighten your spine even more. It will draw your focus to something other than the pose itself and will help you better maintain your balance. 

  • Keep Your Gaze Forward 

If you try and look down while you are attempting to reach the pose, you will likely tip over. If you gaze forward upon an outer-body focal point, the Drishti, your balance will be much stronger. Aim for about six inches away, and for some, you may find it easier to let your eyes relax. 

The next time you choose to attempt an arm balance pose, remember that a combination of all of these key secrets is the best and easiest way for you to attain your goal. If you fall, keep trying. If you are afraid you will fall flat on your face, surround yourself with cushions until you feel more balanced and healthy enough to try them without the protection. 

Remember that all arm balance pros were once amateurs, but they maintained their practice and used these key secrets to mastering them all. You can too!

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