Colors of Fall for Your Yoga Wear

July 8, 2019

Fall always evokes feelings of nostalgia and images of shopping for school supplies and attending football games. Unfortunately, when you’re an adult, the seasons changing is about the only thing we have to look forward to because our careers don’t just stop and pick up again throughout the year. To me, Fall represents comfort and a definite shift in the environment. Where I’m from we’re usually lucky to get maybe a couple of weeks of that perfect crisp Fall weather before it gets too chilly but it’s enough to get excited about!

One thing I always try to do to get me excited is thinking about what new items my closet may need for each season. I love the colors of Fall. The popular colors of the season generally go from bright and neon colors to more muted, darker colors which I feel match my personality more. This year I’m excited about the colors that are coming out in yoga and athleisure wear. There are many yoga leggings in the shades of blue and pink and I’m happy about it.

According to Pantone’s most recent release of Fall color trends, the shade of pink that will be most popular is called “ballet slipper”, which is just a fantastic shade of light pink. I can already see that light pink is going to be a trend. Blush leggings are all over the place! Darker shades of pink are trending as well and help invoke the romanticism of the Fall and sort of remind you of the changing colors of the trees.

Navy and darker shades of blue and green are also helping us welcome the season. Looking at sites like H&M sportswear and Alo yoga you see shades of each of these colors. The darker color welcomes the season when the days get shorter and comfort food reigns supreme over the lighter fare of summer. If you want to fully embrace Fall with your yoga attire these shades will definitely help with that goal.

While I may just be dreaming about buying some new yoga wear right now, it’s not wrong to do some window shopping. My favorites are the infinite bra in rich navy from Alo, the High Waist Dash Legging in either the blue color or the black color from Alo, and the Yoga Top in powder pink from H&M. These pieces transition easily from your morning workout class to coffee or breakfast with friends.

The natural colors of each season obviously influence what we wear even though they change subtly each year. Color is nature’s way of showing us how important and fun change can be. Even if you’re not in the mood to shop or don’t need anything new, it’s still fun to see what’s out there! If you’re like me you can also choose the basics of black and gray that never seem to go out of style. Either way, I hope you find this information inspirational for your Fall shopping spree. What colors are you wearing this Fall?

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