6 Yogis to follow on Instagram

February 1, 2020

Instagram allows people even more entrance into other’s lives. Here we can watch videos, look at photos or read the text to allow us to understand even more about the people we admire. Even yogis are getting in on this trend, sharing images of their yoga practices as well as health and fitness tips with their followers. This can be a great way for you to get some extra motivation and even some expert tricks to improve your overall health and fitness. Here are six yogis who are really worth following on Instagram at the moment.

1. Laura Sykora

Known for her accessible, instructive videos and dedicated daily practice, this yogi puts up some great photos that would inspire even the laziest person to get their mat out. She also has some poses with her daughter that are just adorable.

2. Kerri Verna

Beautiful beach scenery and amazing poses, what else could you ask for? This yoga practitioner makes the hardest poses look easy, challenging her followers to work harder at yoga and in their fitness practices in general. Plus, she’s a contagiously happy person, who makes working out look fun, and most of her shots are both beautiful and surprisingly arty.

3. Kathryn Budig

If you’ve always wanted to travel but never found the time, money or motivation, then let this yogi inspire you. Every day Kathryn posts pictures of her wandering life as well as yoga pictures in some very recognizable places. This yogi really makes you wonder what you’ve been doing with your time and inspires you to do more.

4. Taylor Harkness

Whoever said that men weren’t as flexible as women haven’t seen this yogi. Taylor Harkness sometimes looks as if he doesn’t have bones as he folds himself into some truly fiendish-looking poses, but it is his upbeat and friendly personality that keeps you coming back. This is one for advanced learners who appreciate a down to earth style.

5. Carson Clay Calhoun

For yoga with a lighter touch, you can’t go much further than Carson Clay Calhoun. He incorporates a variety of techniques and disciplines into his practice that keeps his workouts interesting and is dedicated to doing things upside down and beatboxing. Tune in just to see what this Comedian and yogi do upside down next!

6. Honza and Claudine Lafond

If you‘d like to watch two dedicated yogis demonstrating the level of trust that can exist between a couple you need to follow this pair. It’s amazing to watch this genuine and loving couple travel the world while demonstrating some hair-raising poses that require both strength and an amazing sense of balance. They also seem like really nice people and look really cute together.

As technology changes and advances, so do our yoga practices and the places where we find motivation. Instagram gives budding yogi’s the chance to get glimpses of what it takes to really build proficiency in yoga, as well as the potential benefits of the journey. It’s a good tool to have and use when you feel in need of a lift and some inspiration.

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